Our Organization

IPAC staff serves in various scientific, technical, and administrative positions. IPAC is part of the Division of Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy at Caltech, and the Space and Earth Sciences Program Directorate at JPL. Key IPAC personnel are listed below. Job listings for open positions are available at the Caltech HR website.

IPAC Executive Director: George Helou
IPAC Deputy Director: Roc Cutri
IPAC Manager: David Imel

Spitzer Science Center
SSC Director: B. Thomas Soifer
SSC Deputy Director: George Helou
SSC Assistant Director for Public Affairs: Gordon K. Squires
SSC Assistant Director for Community Affairs: Lisa Storrie-Lombardi
SSC Manager: Lisa Storrie-Lombardi
SSC Deputy Manager: Lee Bennett

NASA Exoplanet Science Institute
NExScI Executive Director: Charles (Chas) Beichman
NExScI Director: Shrinivas Kulkarni
NExScI Deputy Director: Rachel Akeson
NExScI Project Manager: David Imel
NExScI Project Scientist: Rachel Akeson

NASA Herschel Science Center
NHSC Director: George Helou
NHSC Project Scientist: Phil Appleton
NHSC Assistant Director for Public Affairs: Gordon K. Squires

IPAC Science Staff: Schuyler Van Dyk (Head)

IPAC Communications and Education Group (ICE): Gordon K. Squires (Manager /Task Lead)

Euclid NASA Science Center at IPAC: Harry Teplitz (Science Lead) / George Helou (Director)
GALEX: Tim Conrow (Task Lead) / Barry F. Madore (Co-Investigator)
Ground Telescopes: Lisa Storrie-Lombardi (Project Scientist / Task Lead)
Infrared Science Archive (IRSA): Harry Teplitz (Science Lead) / Steve Groom (Task Lead)
Keck Observatory Archive (KOA): Bruce Berriman (Project Scientist/Task Lead)
LCOGT Archive: David Ciardi (Project Scientist/Task Lead)
LSST Science User Interface: David Ciardi (Project Scientist) / Xiuqin Wu (Task Lead)
NASA Exoplanet Archive: Rachel Akeson (Project Scientist/Task Lead)
NASA Extragalactic Database (NED): Joseph Mazzarella (Project Scientist / Task Lead) / George Helou (Principal Investigator)
iPTF/ZTF: Frank Masci (Task Lead)
U.S. Planck Data Center: Ranga Chary (Project Scientist / Task Lead)
WISE/NEOWISE: Roc Cutri (Science and Task Lead)
WFIRST-AFTA: Roc Cutri, George Helou, David Imel

IPAC Support Group
Admin Team:
Mary Ellen Barba (Supervisor)
Facilities Team:
Jack Lampley
Finances Team:
Eloise Kennedy (Supervisor)
Operations Support Team:
Wendy Burt (Task Lead)
System Engineering Team:
Lee Bennett (Task Lead)