Keck Observatory Archive


KOA Data Archive Operational


The W. M. Keck Observatory Archive (KOA) serves data from the High Resolution Echelle Spectrograph (HIRES), the Near InfraRed echelle SPECtrograph (NIRSPEC), the Low Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (LRIS), and the Near Infrared Camera 2 (NIRC2) extending back to 1994 for HIRES and LRIS, 1999 for NIRSPEC, and 2001 for NIRC2.  In addition, PI access to MOSFIRE, DEIMOS, and ESI data is active; similar PI access to OSIRIS is scheduled for release December 2013.

Observations supporting Deep Impact and GRB051111 may be accessed from dedicated download pages, as well as through the KOA user interface.

Public access to these data is governed by the data release policy agreed to between NASA and the Keck partner institutions.

IPAC's role:

The Keck Observatory Archive (KOA) is hosted within IPAC and is a NASA-funded collaboration between the NASA Exoplanet Science Institute (NExScI) and the W. M. Keck Observatory (WMKO). The KOA has inherited the archive ingest and science information system architecture used at the NASA/IPAC Infrared Science Archive (IRSA) at IPAC.


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