NASA Exoplanet Archive


NASA Exoplanet Archive Data Archive Operational


The NASA Exoplanet Archive is a general purpose stellar and planetary archive dedicated to supporting the astronomical community’s exoplanet discovery and characterization activities. It pursues two main avenues: it collects basic data for stars with exoplanets and stars that are potential hosts for exoplanets; and it archives time series data from programs searching for exoplanet transits.

The NASA Exoplanet Archive charter includes:

  • Curate scientific data related to exoplanets and potential host stars
  • Facilitate scientific exploitation of these data sets
  • Support target selection and science planning for future exoplanet observations

Stellar Services

  • Data related to 140,000 bright nearby stars
  • All known planet-hosting stars
  • Query for individual stars or by stellar/planetary parameters
  • Images and spectra

Exoplanet Services

  • U.S. portal to the public CoRoT mission data
  • Data related to known exoplanets
  • Time series photometric data on known transiting exoplanets
  • Radial velocity data of exoplanet hosting stars
  • Dedicated interface related to exo-planet transit surveys

IPAC's role:

The NASA Exoplanet Archive is located within IPAC at Caltech.


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