Spitzer Mapping of the Outer Galaxy

SMOG Research Project Operational


The Spitzer Mapping of the Outer Galaxy (SMOG) project is a 21 square degree area mapping of a representative region of the outer Galaxy (l=102-109, b=0-3) using Spitzer's IRAC and MIPS instruments. From these data and previous and future surveys in the submillimeter and millimeter, the specifics (rate, IMF) of star formation of the survey region will be measured. This direct measurement of the star formation efficiency will then be placed in context with ongoing work for the inner Galaxy, nearby molecular clouds and massive star forming regions, the Magellanic clouds and galaxies at larger distances. A set of optimally reduced mosaics and well-characterized source catalogs will be made available to the community. As with previous large Spitzer local group mapping programs, GLIMPSE, MIPSGAL & SAGE, this data set will be a fertile source for studying such topics as evolved stars, Galactic structure, dust physics and the diffuse ISM. 

SMOG was selected as a Spitzer Legacy Science program in cycle 5.

IPAC's role:

The SMOG principal investigator is IPAC scientist Sean Carey. The SMOG team includes many past and present IPAC scientists, including Babar Ali, Bruce Berriman, Roc Cutri, Nicolas Flagey, Bill Latter, Francine Marleau, Alberto Noriega-Crespo, Deborah Padgett, Roberta Paladini, Luisa Rebull, Lee Rottler and Sachin Shenoy.


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