Cosmic Evolution Survey

COSMOS Research Project Operational


COSMOS is an HST Treasury Project to survey a 2 square degree equatorial field with the Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS). It is one of the largest surveys that HST has ever done, utilizing 10% (640 orbits) of its observing time over the course of two years (HST Cycles 12 and 13). The project also incorporates major commitments from other observatories, including Spitzer, GALEX, the VLA radio telescope, ESO's VLT in Chile, ESA's XMM X-ray satellite, and Japan's 8-meter Subaru telescope in Hawaii. The COSMOS collaboration involves almost 100 scientists in a dozen countries.

The primary goal of COSMOS is to study the relationship between large scale structure (LSS) in the universe and the formation of galaxies, dark matter, and nuclear activity in galaxies. This includes a careful analysis of the dependence of galaxy evolution on environment. The wide field of coverage of COSMOS will sample a larger range of LSS than any previous HST survey.

IPAC's role:

The COSMOS team includes many IPAC scientists, including Peter Capak, Lin Yan, Harry Teplitz, James Colbert, and others.  Peter Capak serves as the current leader of the project.  IRSA serves the multi-mission data.


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