IPAC Skyview

Skyview is an image display and analysis program for the interactive analysis of astronomical data using the X-Windows user interface. Skyview is primarily intended for the analysis of flux/intensity and position calibrated scientific imagery.

Skyview can also overlay contour plots on images; slice out and analyze planes from image cubes; graphically illustrate the output of database queries onto corresponding images; and interact easily with other programs through the use of server mode.

Get Skyview ... (The current version is 3.8)


Images as data
Beyond simply rendering scientific images into pictures for display, Skyview also treats the scientific information in images.
Multiple images
Skyview supports display of multiple images of any size. The ability to handle images is limited only by the amount of memory and disk.
Full-color display
Skyview supports multiple color planes within one image frame.
Server mode
Skyview can also operate as a service to other programs

Getting Skyview

Fetch IPAC Skyview using the links below.

Please register your copy of Skyview by sending us an email message with the version, platform and your preferred email address (if different from the sending address). This is most important when it comes time to report our activities.

Below are the available runtime distributions - these include help files, everything you need to run Skyview, nothing to compile - just run the install script - see the included README file. You may also want the DOC package above which contains the Users' Guide and Reference manual (these are not included in the runtime distributions).

You can contact skyview-help@ipac.caltech.edu for more information about Skyview.

Skyview was given honorable mention by the NASA Inventions & Contributions Board in the 1996 NASA Software of the Year Competition.

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