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WIRE Team Webpages

This page links to webpages made by the WIRE team here at IPAC.

The entire IPAC webpage list is available here.

Name/Link Content
Thomas Barlow
  • WIRE data reports and logs (ops, etoe-3)
  • Ops DA Procedures
  • Running Stattest, Wirelist, Grayim, Wiremerge
  • Notes and Email on Pipeline & Wire Data
  • Dithering, Coverage, Mosaicing
  • IPAC table format (fortran w/ examples).
Joe Catanzarite
  • Analysis of WIRE Coadd Noise
Russ Laher
  • Image Co-Addition Software
  • Image Registration Software,
  • Position Reconstruction Software
  • DA tools
Jason Surace
  • Drizzle Coadder
  • Deconvolution of WIRE data


Last Updated: 8/25/98