Where is WIRE?

Many different companies and governmental agencies have contributed the the WIRE project.  The participants are located all across the country.  Select a location from the map below to find out which participant resides at that location.  See the list below to to find out their primary contributions the the WIRE project.

WIRE Contributors

Anaheim, California

        Boeing North American
Focal Plane Arrays

Focal Plane Array

Boulder, Colorado

        Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corporation
Star Tracker

Dulles, Virginia

        Orbital Sciences Corporation
Pegasus XL Launch Vehicle

Fairfax, Virginia

        Vanguard Research, Inc.
Principal Investigator, Science Support, and Web Page Development

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Greenbelt, Maryland

        Goddard Space Flight Center
Spacecraft Bus and Mission Operations
                    of NASA's Small Explorer (SMEX) Program

Ithaca, New York

        Cornell University
Instrument Calibration

Logan, Utah

        Space Dynamics Laboratory
        Utah State University
Science Instrument

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Palo Alto, California

        Lockheed Martin
        Advanced Technology Center
Instrument Cryostat

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Pasadena, California

        Infrared Processing and Analysis Center,
        California Institute of Technology 
Science Operations and Data Analysis

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        Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Science Experiment (along with WIRE Science Team)

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Vandenberg AFB, California

        Vandenberg Air Force Base
Launch of Spacecraft

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Last Updated: 1/30/99