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WIRE Science Operations Team

This page lists the WIRE team at IPAC, and the WIRE Science Team located at institutions across the country.

A large WIRE Organization Chart (30 Kb) shows the relationships of the Science Operations personnel with the broader WIRE team (last updated 21 July 1997).

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Name Title/Responsibility Institution
Tom Barlow Data Analyst IPAC
Joe Catanzarite Data Analysis Engineer IPAC
Tim Conrow Lead Engineer IPAC
Jean Creighton Science Postdoctoral IPAC
Fan Fang Co-Investigator IPAC
Nick Gautier Co-Investigator/Survey Strategy JPL
Paul Graf Co-Investigator Ball Aerospace
Perry Hacking Principal Investigator Vanguard Research
David Henderson Science Operations Lead Engineer JPL
Terry Herter Co-Investigator/Calibration Cornell University
Jim Houck Co-Investigator Cornell University
Josh Laher Student IPAC
Russ Laher Science Ops & Data Analysis Engineer IPAC
Wen Lee Science Ops Engineer IPAC
Carol Lonsdale Deputy Project Manager,Co-Investigator IPAC
Tom Luchik Project Manager JPL
Joe Mabry Website Programmer Vanguard Research
Frank Masci Postdoctoral Fellow IPAC
Yi Mei Science Operations Engineer IPAC
Glenn Morrison Postdoctoral Fellow Vanguard Research
Harvey Moseley Co-Investigator GSFC
JoAnn O'Linger Science Postdoctoral IPAC
Debbie Padgett Associate Investigator,Data Analyst IPAC
Olga Pevunova Data Analysis Engineer IPAC
David Shupe Co-Investigator/Simulation IPAC
Gordon Stacey Co-Investigator/In-Orbit Checkout Cornell University
Jason Surace Science Postdoctoral JPL
Mike Werner Co-Investigator IPAC
Cong Xu Co-Investigator IPAC
Virginia Yoshioka Administration JPL

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